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yesterday... [30 Mar 2003|03:28am]
yesterday, i actually got up off of my FATASS and did something, first i went with my mom to this little town so she could do flowers for her friends wedding. and when i was over there, i figred that Donna would be at Daniel's or on her way to Daniel's so I got a hold of her and they came and got me and we all went to donna's and kicked-it all day. it was great because i miss Donna so much. Like, shes back with Daniel, her use to be ex, and hes so great for her. haha everyone things hes so fine. and he treats her like a queen. and i think she needs that. its funny, because i am in one way so jealus of what she has but, i am so happy for them that thet have what they have. it has taken Donna so long to have happiness like this, i just hope one day i have they kind of happiness she does.
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i often wonder why i carry all this skin... [28 Mar 2003|05:36pm]
did you noctice the "Story to come", never came? thats because i'm lazy.

hey a hot guy added me as a friend, SCORE! haha, no. but thats cool, tho.
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what a feeling of vulnerablity comin over me and im feelin weak... [28 Mar 2003|05:03am]
Tonight, I have shit to do because now that Rehanna's 18 she goes to clubs and stuff. Which leaves me with nothing to do because all of the rest of my friends are in bed by 10. I should be, too, for that matter. But, yea. I don't think I am going to Jasmine and Bianca's party, I *may*, but, I don't know. Because I just don't feel good about it. I hardly know them. Well, I love them, but, haha, I don't know them. Granted, I will know other people there but, I am not gonna be able to go tan (yes, Mexicans tan, too!) and have laid about 5 times by the 4th. So, yeah. If I can ever catch Donna and she wants to go, then I might. I could also call Kara and Jessica. But, I don't know. I talked to Jess and Kara last night, by the way. Which was really nice. I can't wait until I go back, damn. Oooh, but, on that note. I actually have stuff to right about today. Yesterday, I went to Rehanna's, just a random time I'm over there. So, I'm sitting there listenting to a really nice woman tell me what a beautiful baby I was. Also, she saw me take my first steps (ROCK!). But, yea so I'm sitting there with Mrs. Mildred and Steve and just chit-chatting. And Rehanna and Jennifer (story to come) finish eating and go on the porch, and since I'm still talking (and feeding my face) I am still in the dining room. Well, Jennifer (still to come) comes out of the door to the front porch and calls me over there and says "Rehanna said not to come out here because [disgusting slob person] is out there." And I was like, ok. So when he leaves Rehanna informs me that this person who, I, hardly know exists, haven't seen in over a year, and thought had maybe died, is looking for me. For, what reason, she doesn't say. This is the perfect example of, how, even if I become homeschooled and only talk to a handful of people from school, drama always finds me. It scared me, for a second, that when I go back, it will be the same stuff it was when I was in school. I don't know, all I know is, this is really my last choice.
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so tired... [10 Mar 2003|02:05am]
My journal looks so great now! Atleast, I think so. I am really tired right now. But, today I was thinking about some stuff. As much as I hated school, I seriously miss Donna and Shanika. I remember all the fun and good times we had. But, good was always folowed by bad. Thats why I am totally confused about school. Tonight I realize that, I could finish the rest of this years work by mid-April. And after that I could maybe sit down and just think about what I wanna do. I don't how I will feel 4 1/2 months from now but, right now, at this moment, I really wanna go back to school.
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i-Squad, baby! [09 Mar 2003|07:30am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Join the i-squad now!

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GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!! [08 Mar 2003|01:28am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!! WANNA KNOW WHY? CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS GOING TO LITTLE ROCK AND MEMPHIS! Which means if they don't sell out by the end of this month, I get to see my idol, my role model... CHRISTINA AGUILERA! You guys have no idea how fucking excited I am.

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my puppy. [06 Mar 2003|05:36am]
last night, i went out to feed my puppy and i couldnt find her. and then my mom and dad came home and my dad told me her found her dead, someone hit her. i was so upset i cried myself to sleep. I miss her so much and i cant get another dog because i wouldnt feel right. i am still really upset.

Honey Baby

i will always love you, honey.</b>
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